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 Apri Camilla Dracula

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PostSubject: Apri Camilla Dracula   Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:23 pm

Name: Apri Camilla Dracula
Alias: N/A

Race: Saiyan/Vampire
Age: 19
Aura Color: Red

Affiliation: Lawful Good
- To be the queen of all vampires and rule her race.

Personality: Apri is a normal person if you take away the vampire blood, she is a calm but can be energetic person at times. She is also almost always happy but her naturally calm face makes it hard to tell.

Bio: Apri is the child of Dracula and a saiyan warrior. Being trained by her mother in saiyan combat and her father in magic she has grown to excel in both. After finishing her training she now hunts any demons on earth.

Abilities and Equipment:

Deadly Hybrid Blood Potential : Being that she is something that has immense strength from both sides but something that holds terrible hunger. Apri is able to call this out in times of anger but it can also be activated upon raging blood thirst, turning her into a blood thirsty monster.

Attacks: N/A
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Apri Camilla Dracula
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