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 Apri Carmilla Dracula

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PostSubject: Apri Carmilla Dracula   Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:23 pm

Name: Apri Carmilla Dracula
Alias: N/A

Race: Saiyan/Vampire
Age: 19 (at the start)
Aura Color: Purple

Affiliation: lawful neutral
- To be the queen of the vampires (goal when younger tho wouldn't mind being it later either)
- To get stronger and fight stronger people

Personality: Apri is a normal person if you take away the saiyan and vampire blood, she is a calm but can be energetic person at time when it comes to fighting someone showing a much more tomboy attitude. She is for the most part in a good mood but her face gives off an uninterested and angry look to others that she really wishes she had control over.

Bio: Apri is the child of Dracula and a saiyan warrior who has yet to be named. Being trained by her mother in hand to hand combat and her father in magic she has grown to be well versed in both, tho showing more favoritism to just hand to hand. After finishing her training she had decided to hunt demons on earth being told as a child that they are a strong evil race, after meeting Nero she has seen the some are good and actually becoming interested in there races power. She eventually grew annoyed of demon hunting as she was not really fighting anyone to strong getting her hopes up after the fight with Nero. She now spend most of her time training tho showing some limit to how long shes willing to train as she does like to do other things besides them.

Abilities and Equipment:
Amazing God Scarf: makes her op bruh

Attacks: N/A
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Apri Carmilla Dracula
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